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Wrestling Expectations

Hawley Wrestling Expectations and Goals

TEAM GOALS: To be our best, in every way possible.

TEAM MOTTO:Respect All, Fear None.


  • Practice Monday - Thursday 3:45 – 5:45 unless otherwise notified by end of day school announcements.
  • Provide a safe physical environment.
  • Learn the fundamental skills/ rules of wrestling.
  • Prepare athlete for competition at the Middle School level.
  • Prepare athlete to compete and advance to the High School Level.
  • Be at the coaches designated area of the school by 3:45 ready for practice.
  • Be dressed properly, sweatpants/sweat shirt, shorts, running shoes, and wrestling shoes. No jeans/ cutoffs, belts, jewelry (necklaces, rings or earrings).
  • You are responsible for any/ all equipment issued to you by the school.
  • Maintain a C or better in all middle school level classes.
  • Maintain behavior per school policy. (No ISS/CIL)
  • Practice good sportsmanship towards teammates/ other teams and officials.
  • It is your responsibility when released from practice at 5:45 to change/gather belongings and have a ride.
  • Un-excused absences from practice during the week of a meet will render the athlete ineligible for that week’s event.
  • Absence from practice will be made up by extra conditioning upon return. 
  • Failure to comply with the any/ all of above expectations will be cause for dismissal from the team.


  • For the safety of your child and other athletes we asked that you notify the coach of any condition that may place your child or others at risk of injury or infection.  Also of any conditions or injuries that might occur during the season that could exclude them from practices or competitions.
  • Parents will be responsible for transportation of their child from the school to home.  Students will be dismissed from the team when they have accrued 3 late pickups (after 6:15).
  • No athlete will be allowed to participate until this form is returned to the coach after being signed by the athlete and parent/ legal guardian.
  • Please provide acurrent email addressto be notified of future events/ practices or cancellations.  Also anemergency contact phone number(s)should a situation arise and a parent need to be contacted.

    If you have any questions, please contact John Chapman:

Wrestling Information and Agreement


Student Name


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Parent/Guardian Phone #


Health Concerns:




By signing this document, you are agreeing to all items on the previous sheet.








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