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8th Grade Sendoff Parade
8th Grade Sendoff Parade
Date: Wednesday, June 3rd.
Time: 4:00-6:00
Type of event: Floating

Students will drive through the circle drive in front of the school, where we will have homeroom teachers set up with tables. The teacher will hand each student their t-shirt and any awards that have been packaged together.
2020-2021 School Supply and Donation List
Hawley Hornets Laptop Program
All Hawley students receive a Chromebook to use at school and at home. In order to receive the Chromebook the following steps must be completed prior to the first day of school:

New Students
- Complete the online orientation
- Sign the Technology Responsible Use Agreement (TRU)
- Pay the $25 User Fee

Returning Students
- Pay the $25 User Fee

All of these steps may be completed online by clicking on the Links in the boxes below. You can do this on your own device, or if you need assistance, you can come to the school office to complete them. However, we can only accept cash or check payments at the school.
Laptop Technology Responsible Use (TRU) Form

Air Quality Results GC Hawley

9 months ago


September 20, 2019

Good news!  All retesting of the impacted areas show a normal indoor fungal ecology.  Official reports may be found at the link below:

Summer 2019

As promised, we continued to address the issue at your school and have conducted yet another follow-up round of testing.  The results indicate that we are still dealing with two minor localized issues.  There are NO campus-wide issues related to air quality at your campus.

The first area is located at the end of the main hall in room 115.  There is a sizable closet and a custodian's closet near that room that have no ventilation or conditioning.  During the warm humid summer, we believe these closed areas caused some spore count readings to be elevated in that area.  We have begun the process of cleaning both closets and will make renovations so the air will not be stagnant nor untreated.  We will also clean the air handling units in that area.

The second issue is related to the 'old kitchen' area behind the band room.  Retesting showed some elevated spore counts in this area.  We will be cleaning that back room and the air conditioning units in that area as well.

We will also be running 'air scrubbers' or giant air filter machines in those parts of the school for the next week.  This will ensure other areas of the school are not impacted.

Please know that we follow the protocols set out by the independent lab to address these issues.  We strive to be transparent and always want to tackle the root causes of the problems head-on.

The latest official lab reports may be found at the link below:


Spring- Summer 2019

The most recent air quality test results show a normal indoor fungal ecology in all areas with the exception of test results on the 100 hall area.  Inspections revealed an issue with a leak in appliances in the teacher lounge area which caused water damage to a wall, which has since been repaired.  We believe this caused the area to indicate slightly elevated spore counts.  Inspection and retesting will occur during the summer and staff will continue to monitor.  The official reports may be found at the link below:


On July 24, 2018, air quality tests were conducted at GC Hawley Middle School.  An independent laboratory conducted random air samples and the results indicated that there was a normal indoor fungal ecology.  Good news for the students and staff!  The official reports are posted below for your review.


Independent air quality tests conducted on 9-27-17 by an independent laboratory show normal results for GC Hawley: