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Welcome to Hornet Athletics!
Welcome to Hornet Athletics!
Conference site:

The Hornet Athletic program offers a variety of sports for our 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. Visit the team links to find out more about each sport.

With the exception of football, 6th graders may participate in all sports we offer.

All athletes MUST have a current North Carolina sports physical on file and a completed "Ticket to Play" form in order to participate in conditioning, tryouts, and regular team competition.

For more information, please contact the Hornet Athletic Department at (919) 528-0091 extension 360131.

Addresses of Schools and Athletic Fields

10 months ago

Bunn Middle School
6 Mary Potter Middle School

4742 NC 39 Hwy South

448 Taylor Street

Bunn, NC  27508

Oxford, NC  27565

2 Butner Stem Middle School
7 Northern Granville Middle School

501 East D Street

3144 Webb School Road

Butner, NC  27509

Oxford, NC  27565

3 Cedar Creek Middle School
8 Terrell Lane Middle School

2228 Cedar Creek Road

101 Terrell Lane

Youngsville, NC  27596

Louisburg, NC  27549

4 Eaton-Johnson Middle School
9 Warren County Middle School

500 North Beckord Drive

118 Campus Drive

Henderson, NC  27539

Warrenton, NC  27589

5 Henderson Middle School
10 Franklinton Middle School

219 Charles Street

3 N Main Street

Henderson, NC  27536

Franklinton, NC  27525

Other Addressess

1.  Southern Vance High School

        925 Garrett Road

        Henderson, NC  27537

2. Northern Vance High School

       293 Warrenton Rd

       Henderson, NC  27537

3.  Joyner Park (Louisburg)

        224 W River Rd

        Louisburg, NC 27549

4.  Franklinton Park

        4 Park Avenue

        Franklinton, NC  27525

5.  Aycock Recreation Complex (Henderson)

        307 Carey Chapel Rd,

         Henderson, NC 27537

6.  Louisburg High School

       201 Allen Lane

       Louisburg, NC 27549

7.  Bunn High School

        29 Bunn Elementary School Road

        Bunn, NC  27508

8.  Franklinton High School

        400 West Mason Street

        Franklinton, NC  27525

2019-2020 Hornet Coaching Staff Roster
• Principal: Chris Ham, Ed. D. ,
• Assistant Principal: Nancy Russell,
• Athletic Director: Joshua Curley, curley


• Head Coach:

Fall Sports:

• Head Coach: George Person,
• Assistant Coach:
• Assistant Coach:

Soccer (Boy’s)
• Head Coach: Joshua Curley,

• Head Coach: Yanessa Miller, miller

Winter Sports

Basketball (Boy’s)
• Head Coach: Allen Bullock,
• Assistant Coach: Jason Hockaday

Basketball (Girl’s)
• Head Coach: Lauren Breedlove,

• Head Coach: John Chapman,
• Assistant Coach: Chad Kennedy
• Assistant Coach: George Person,
• Assistant Coach: Richard Ray

Spring Sports

• Head Coach: Allen Bullock,
• Assistant Coach: Stephen Eisenhart,
• Assistant Coach: Eddie Gooch
• Assistant Coach: Jason Hockaday

Soccer (Girl’s)
• Head Coach: Joshua Curley,

• Head Coach: Lauren Breedlove,
• Assistant Coach: Earl Johnson

• Head Coach: Clarence Peace,
From Our Athletic Director
Welcome to the 2019-2020 Hornet Athletic season!

As an academic institution, we believe that participation in athletics is in itself an education in working with your peers to achieve a common goal; many successful people in business and politics will readily give anecdotes of their days as an athlete and how their experiences on the field combined with what they learned in the classroom are relevant to success in their adult lives.

While many public school divisions spend less than 1% of their budget on athletics, 92% of Fortune 500 executives reported having been athletes and many admit to applying the lessons learned on the playing field in what they do daily - a return on an investment if ever there was one!

While many people often look only for the spectacular of success (wins, championships, and such), we believe that success is better defined by the team’s ability to grow as athletes and especially as young adults.

Furthermore, we believe that all our team members are students first who participate in athletics to expand their social experiences and learn how to work with other players often different from themselves to overcome adversity and achieve a common goal; all of these attributes are much sought after by employers now more than ever.

Sportsmanship is the overarching principle upon which all Hornet Athletic teams operate; it is our expectation to have Hornet Athletics recognized for our fair play, ebullience, and character. We ask that players, coaches, parents, and spectators uphold these expectations at all of our events; parents and spectators can help model the type of behavior we have come to expect from our student-athletes.

Special thanks to the Friends of Hawley for supporting our school programs; your ongoing support continues to augment overall participation in our programs and elevate Hornet Athletics to new heights in perpetuity.

We look forward to seeing you in the stands throughout the year; it is always a grand day in Granville, but it is an even better day to be a Hornet!
Sport Physicals
North Carolina Public School regulations require that students have a current (less than one calendar year old) physical on file with the school's athletic office before they may participate in any sport. Students must also have a signed "Ticket to Play" form.

In the forms section, click on the link for physical and "Ticket To Play" to download the forms. A licensed physician must complete and sign the physical form.

Sports physicals and the "Ticket To Play" are both valid for one calendar year from the date they were signed by the physician and the parent/guardian respectively. For example: If both forms were signed by the parent and physician on 2-1-18, they must complete both forms again to participate in any activity starting on or after 2-2-19.

You may bring completed forms to the school or fax them to (919) 528-0051.