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over 3 years ago

8th Grade North Carolina History Syllabus

G.C. Hawley Middle School

Mr. Chapman

Rm. 307

Course Description

According to the 8th Grade North Carolina Essential Standards, eighth grade students should examine the roles of people, events, and issues in North Carolina history that have contributed to the unique character of the state today.  Building on the fourth grade introduction, the time frame for this course emphasizes revolutionary to contemporary times.  The organization is primarily chronological and reference is made to the key national phenomena that impacted North Carolina throughout these periods.  Although the value and methods of historical study as a way of learning about people are stressed, key concepts of geography, civics, and economics are incorporated throughout the course for a fuller understanding of the significance of the people, events, and issues.  Inherent to the study of North Carolina history is a continuing examination of local, state, and national government structures.  As a class, we will explore colonization, exploration, American Revolution, westward expansion, industrial revolution, slavery, Civil War, reconstruction, depression era, World Wars, Civil rights, Cold War, space race and the events of the past few decades that have shaped our society.

Objectives, Goals, and Expectations

My objectives and goals for the students will be a balanced focus between content of the subject matter and skill in organization, note taking, writing, and map studies.  In the face of a changing educational landscape, many challenges await for the students as they continue their scholastic career.  With this in mind, 8th grade social studies will be utilizing a strong focus on vocabulary, content, current events and developing student abilities as independent learners.  We have planned engaging and interesting activities and units that we will implement into the daily curriculum.  The students will enjoy working in groups, solving critical thinking questions, doing research projects with oral presentations, and participating in debates.   We believe that students must be informed and study the events in both our local community and global communities.   

Outline (Tentative)

1. American Colonies

2. American Revolution

3. A New Nation

4. Expansion & Sectionalism

5. The Civil War & Reconstruction

6. Manifest Destiny, Immigration & Industrialization  

7. Progressives & Imperialism & World War 1

8. Interwar Period & World War II

9. Cold War & Civil Rights

10. Modern America


  • Preferred writing utensil

  • Preferred writing medium

  • Assignments

  • Every student will be expected to complete all assignments in class and at home.   Students will also participate in group activities, projects, debates, readings, quizzes, tests, and map activities.

  • Each student will be required to participate in group presentations relating to various Social Studies topics.

  • Every student will be expected to complete the daily warm-up.

Assessments (Per Quarter)

  • Minor Assignments (60% of Grade)

    • Weekly Vocabulary Quizzes

    • 3 ATSOU Comprehension Quizzes

    • Weekly Warm Up Grades

  • 4 Major Assignments (40% of Grade)

    • 2 Group Presentations

      • Every student will be required to present in business casual attire.  If their are any issues with this parent must contact teacher ahead of presentation.

    • Document Based Questions Project

    • Current Event Portfolio

  • All eighth grade students will complete a semester exam and final exam.

Classroom Expectations

  • Students are expected to be respectful of staff, students, property, and themselves.

  • Students are expected to work to their full abilities.

  • No food except as a Sting Buck Reward.  Water only.


  • 1st offense—Documented warning.

  • 2nd offense—No Patio

  • 3rd offense—No Patio / Lunch Detention.

  • 4th offense—No Patio / Lunch Detention / Parent Contact

  • 5th offense—Referral

Absences and Late Work

  • It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of class schedule and make-up anything missed during absences.  If absent from class, you will have three days to make up your work for every one day missed as per Granville County policy.  Extenuating circumstances aside, late assignments will not be accepted

Extra Help

  • I am available for extra help by request.  I am happy to come in early or stay after school to aid a student in whatever manner he/she may require.  I must insist, however, that this be scheduled at least three days prior to appointment.  I have meetings, sports, and other duties before and after the school day that will have to be worked around.

Let’s have a great year!

John C. Chapman

Voicemail: 919-528-0091 ext. 307