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Summer Laptop Collection
Summer Laptop Collection
8th Grade students and students not returning next school year will turn in all computer components. Computers will be turned in on the last day that computer is needed for exams.

Returning students will keep their computer over the summer. Fees can be paid on-line after July 1st. All fees must be paid by the scheduled due date (TBA) to avoid being disabled .
2018-2019 School Hours
2018-2019 School Hours
** Students may wait in the gym starting at 7:30 am **

8:18 am - First Bell
8:25 am - Tardy Bell

3:45 pm - Dismissal
6th Graders May Now Participate in Middle School Athletics!
6th Graders May Now Participate in Middle School Athletics!
Recent changes to athletic guidelines now allow 6th graders to try out and take part in MS athletics with the exception of football.

In order to participate, all players must have a current physical.
Help Us Earn Cash for Our School!
Help Us Earn Cash for Our School!
Save your Box Tops to help us earn money for our school. Collection dates are:
August 28th - October 20th
November 1st - February 16th

Turn your box tops in to your home room teacher!
Stay Up-To-Date on Hawley News!
Stay Up-To-Date on Hawley News!
Parents and students can sign up for free text alerts from Hawley Middle School by texting the code @hawleym to 81010.

Hawley's Code of Conduct for Laptops and Internet Use

over 2 years ago


Code of Conduct Governing Unacceptable Behavior for Lap Tops and Internet


Category 1 Offenses:

*Being off task with technology during instructional time

*Going to unapproved websites during class time

*Downloading movies, games or software illegally

*Using another person’s user name or password

*Deliberately changing how name appears on laptop

*Using a student’s Gaggle account for purposes other than schoolwork, e.g. Facebook, gaming sites, shopping sites.

*Desktop backgrounds or screensavers containing imagery of inappropriate dress, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, gangs, guns, or violence.

*Third offense = Category 2 and referral


Consequences for Level 1 Offenses:

·         First offense: Teacher or team consequence

·         Second offense: Documented teacher/parent contact by telephone and teacher/team consequence

·         Third offense: Disciplinary referral to administration/loss of lap top privileges for up to two weeks and reimaging


Category 2 Offenses

*Downloading software designed to avoid detection or apps to defeat monitoring network and or distributing it to others

*Invading the privacy of others

*Downloading obscene content

*Presence of pornographic materials, inappropriate language, alcohol, drugs, or gang related symbols

*Presence of illegal file sharing software

*Deleting personal items, files, or documents from another student’s computer


Consequences for Level 2 Offenses

·         First offense: Conference with administrator, 1 day in ISS, parent contact, laptop reimaged

·         Second offense: 3 days in ISS and designated day user for ten days, lap top reimaged

·         Third offense: 3 days at CIL and designated day user for remainder of the year, lap top reimaged


Category 3 Offenses

*Gaining unauthorized access to network systems

*Vandalizing or tampering with equipment, files, software, system performance, or network

*Intentionally causing network congestion or interfering with the work of others *Opening the computer to access internal parts

*Intentionally damaging or defacing a laptop

* Transmitting to others any obscene messages, pictures, websites, or other files including racist, terrorist, abusive, sexually explicit, vulgar, threatening, harassing, or demeaning content

*Cyber-bullying including harassment, threats, or any disruption of school


Consequences for Level 3 Offenses       

·         First offense: 5 days at CIL, assigned as day user for remainder of year, lap top reimaged

·         Second offense: 10 days at CIL with possible recommendation for long-term, suspension, loss of computer privileges for remainder of the year, lap top reimaged