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Hawley's Code of Conduct for Laptops and Internet Use


Code of Conduct Governing Unacceptable Behavior for Lap Tops and Internet


Category 1 Offenses:

*Being off task with technology during instructional time

*Going to unapproved websites during class time

*Downloading movies, games or software illegally

*Using another person’s user name or password

*Deliberately changing how name appears on laptop

*Using a student’s Gaggle account for purposes other than schoolwork, e.g. Facebook, gaming sites, shopping sites.

*Desktop backgrounds or screensavers containing imagery of inappropriate dress, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, gangs, guns, or violence.

*Third offense = Category 2 and referral


Consequences for Level 1 Offenses:

·         First offense: Teacher or team consequence

·         Second offense: Documented teacher/parent contact by telephone and teacher/team consequence

·         Third offense: Disciplinary referral to administration/loss of lap top privileges for up to two weeks and reimaging


Category 2 Offenses

*Downloading software designed to avoid detection or apps to defeat monitoring network and or distributing it to others

*Invading the privacy of others

*Downloading obscene content

*Presence of pornographic materials, inappropriate language, alcohol, drugs, or gang related symbols

*Presence of illegal file sharing software

*Deleting personal items, files, or documents from another student’s computer


Consequences for Level 2 Offenses

·         First offense: Conference with administrator, 1 day in ISS, parent contact, laptop reimaged

·         Second offense: 3 days in ISS and designated day user for ten days, lap top reimaged

·         Third offense: 3 days at CIL and designated day user for remainder of the year, lap top reimaged


Category 3 Offenses

*Gaining unauthorized access to network systems

*Vandalizing or tampering with equipment, files, software, system performance, or network

*Intentionally causing network congestion or interfering with the work of others *Opening the computer to access internal parts

*Intentionally damaging or defacing a laptop

* Transmitting to others any obscene messages, pictures, websites, or other files including racist, terrorist, abusive, sexually explicit, vulgar, threatening, harassing, or demeaning content

*Cyber-bullying including harassment, threats, or any disruption of school


Consequences for Level 3 Offenses       

·         First offense: 5 days at CIL, assigned as day user for remainder of year, lap top reimaged

·         Second offense: 10 days at CIL with possible recommendation for long-term, suspension, loss of computer privileges for remainder of the year, lap top reimaged


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