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Yesterday the vocabulary test took longer than expected so I pushed yesterday's work to today.

Bell Ringer: New IXL Y.2-100%, Y.3 to 85% or higher. These two go hand in hand. Y.2 is the instructional practice. Students should read the mini lesson if their answer is incorrect before moving on to the next question. The mini lessons are there to guide.

Vocabulary: The students received paper copies of the WW List 3. They were told to create a study tool and that the test date is Oct. 12. I introduced the first 3 words.

ELA: We reviewed context clues and tying events in the story together. We discussed the ways authors plants seeds that readers need to connect to help them understand the story. The students worked with partners to complete the QW which was due at the end of class, and the discussion post that will remain open until 10/4 at 5pm. Students must make a post before they can see another's post, and they must reply to at least 2 other student posts. All posts should be thoughtful and supported by evidence.
Missing Work : Due 10/26 Complete a late pass so I know to go and look for the grade.

On Friday (10/19) I had the students access PowerSchool to check for completion on the following activities.
Class Activity: Ch. 6-7
Class Activity: Ch. 8-9
QW ch. 8
WW 3 Vocab Test
NewsELA: Monarch Quiz, on Haiku, not NewsELA site
Chapter 11 Activities
Bell Ringer: Students began working on WW 4C.

Vocabulary: We reviewed the first 6 words and I introduced: inflate, jeopardy, moor, plummet and pollute. The test will be Friday. It looks exactly like the last one. There is a fill in the blank section and misspelling will count as incorrect.

We reviewed figurative language. Simile, metaphor, idiom, personification and allusion. The students' IXL are tiered this week.

Fiction: The students worked on the comprehension activity for chapters 12 and 13.

We did not have a NewsELA assignment.
Today we closed up a busy week!

Bell Ringer: The students organized their activities for Ch. 11. I had given an extension on these activities to give students an opportunity to make corrections on their discussion posts and complete the comprehension questions. I give work time in class but students must use that time to work.

Vocabulary: I introduced the next three words: elude, flammable and hover. I reviewed procedures for completing lesson B, and the students had some time to work on it.

Fiction: We read aloud Chapter 13 and discussed the way authors build mini climaxes into the story. The butterfly project has come to it's end and E.D. is not happy about it. Jake just can't win with her. The second part of the chapter begins the rise of action for Randolph's The Sound of Music production. Students were advised to reread chapters 12 and 13. There will be a class activity on Monday to assess comprehension.

Homework: Keep up with the vocabulary work (study too, lessons A and B), and reread chapters 12 and 13 to be ready for Monday's activities.
Today in class we worked on reading for tone and mood. This all ties into the word choice that authors use when writing.

Bell Ringer: Make sure WW 3 A is complete and work on IXL Y.2 (to 100), and Y. 3 85% or higher.

Vocab: We reviewed WW 3A introduced words 4-6 and reviewed yesterday's words.

ELA: I reviewed with a few slides to give examples and the students talked about the feeling they got from those examples. Then we read chapter 9 of Surviving the Applewhites. It is a super short chapter, but the impact of the author's word choice is immense. The students then reread the chapter and made notes into their ELA notebook about the specific word choices.

Students will have a class activity tomorrow on chapters 8 and 9. As usual, they will be expected to use the book or book pages and notes to help them complete the activity successfully.
​Good Morning!

Today in class I collected the vocabulary homework Lessons 2A-D and the crossword puzzle. Students used the bell ringer time to study for the test. When they completed the test students worked on the NewsELA article History of books. You may complete the summary and quiz for that article.

ELA: We discussed the way authors tie events of a story together. I gave an instructional practice, and then students had a guided practice. There is a QW and a discussion post on Ch. 8 on STA.

Students had class time to work on the assignments.

Homework: Unfinished classwork: NewELA quiz/summary. Ch. 8 QW (on paper) and discussion posts and 2 replies. QW will be due tomorrow. Read and prepare for the discussion. Post when you are ready.
Butterfly Project
“The Butterfly Project”
In Surviving the Applewhites E.D. is working on "The Butterfly Project". She does not want to share this with Jake because this is one of her favorites assignments. Choose one butterfly that is native to North Carolina. Design your butterfly cut-out to look as close as possible to the real life butterfly. You may use any materials you’d like (crayons, markers, tissue paper). Cut out and mount your butterfly on the information sheet and write a paragraph about it, just like E.D. did for her project. This is due on Friday (Sept 14).

6th grade paragraphs have a topic sentence, 3-4 interesting, and informative sentences (think 7-up sentence), and a closing sentence. Draft and edit your paragraph before you copy it to the final product. Use your neatest handwriting.

Use the website below to help you find a butterfly and the information to include in your paragraph.

Progress reports went home today. Please review sign and return them. I will send them back home when I see that they have been signed. Student who have a blank or a zero on the Ch. 6-7 Classwork activity can make that up, but it needs to be completed by Monday. I have reminded them in class multiple times.

Today we reviewed the context clue and characterization activity the students worked on yesterday. We also reviewed how to properly answer a written response question (R.A.C.E).

I introduced NewsELA, and helped the students sign in. I showed them how they will use tools to annotate the assigned articles as well as explained how I will grade these articles. A NewsELA grade will be comprised of quiz score, summary content, annotations, and vocabulary work. A poor grade on the quiz does not necessarily mean a poor grade overall. NewsELA will begin to collect data and the students receive the articles on their reading level according to their performance on the articles. Students are not to adjust the reading level they are assigned unless I give specific directions to do so. Generally speaking I collect a few articles before I put a grade into grade book. The student have been assigned an article about books and are expected to complete it according to the directions. We worked on it in class, but they may need to finish over the weekend.

Vocabulary Lessons 2A-D and the vocabulary crossword puzzle are due on Monday. The test will be Monday.

Have a great weekend.
Today I reviewed vocabulary words: segregate, supreme, and triumph and introduced, verdict, violate and victory. The test for List 2 will be on Monday October 1. Study tools are due Friday. The students were allowed to create any study tool that works for them (flashcards, Kahoot, slides).

Progress reports go home on Friday this week (9/28). Many students are missing many assignments. I made them aware of missing work last week. I have given the students extended time to complete assignments, especially when there was a need for reteaching. I gave the students a work day in class last week, and they have had work time in class today. See the attached slide to see how that was structured.

Work that is not turned into me goes into the grade book as a zero. The transition to middle school can be difficult but the students need to be responsible about their work. Late work should be turned into me with a late pass.
We missed you in class today.

Bell Ringer: Students were given the opportunity to work on the activities for chapter 11. They are due tomorrow.

Vocabulary: I passed out the list for WW lesson 4. Students were assigned to complete a study tool, and advised of the test date (10/26).

Non Fiction: We worked on a NewsELa article together. Students received a paper copy of the article, and are expected to keep track of it because we are working with it throughout the week. We read together and I modeled marking important words and making annotations. These are great tools to help a reader better understand an article. Students then worked on a paragraph independently and completed an exit ticket.

FIction: STA Ch. 12 I read chapter 12 aloud and the students were listening for examples of indirect characterization. We are still trying to decide if Jake is changing. We created a chart with the examples of what the text says explicitly, and what that means to the reader. We also use sticky notes and a chart to find the context clues to help us know what the word incorrigible means.
The classes went to the library today for the first time. The student use their student number to check out books. We will go to the library on Thursdays every other week, generally, but our visits will depend on master schedule (ie, early release days, holidays, tests.) and class behavior. I encourage students to check out books, but I do not require that they do so. Students may check out two books, but must return books before they can check out any others.

While we are in the library students have assignments to work on while they wait their turn.

1.The students worked on a context clue activity. They found the clues to help them understand textual vocabulary words.

2. The students worked on a characterization practice. See the attached file.

3. The students also had a crossword puzzle to help them study for the vocabulary test they will have on Monday.

Homework: Complete unfinished classwork. Context clues and characterization paper and vocabulary study tool due tomorrow. STA: continue reading chapter 8. WW 2 vocabulary crossword puzzle due Monday with the other vocabulary homework (2A-D).
Tomorrow we are going to the library. Students must know their student ID number in order to be able to check out books. I will not look up numbers for them.

Today we reviewed some of the vocabulary words. The test for list 2 is on Monday 10/1.

STA: We reviewed the homework question and some of the questions from the activity yesterday. We looked and using context clues to determine the meaning of unknown words and how readers use context clues to infer meaning from the text. The questions often are challenging and require the student to read the material very closely in order to arrive at the correct solution. I reminded students that they need to slow down and do this, as well as use the books and notes on these activities.

We also reviewed tone and mood. Sometimes confusion comes from the tone of what we are reading, and how we, the reader, "hear" what we read in our minds. Tone comes from the author, what words does he/she use? How do those words help the reader visualize the scene? But mood comes from the reader. What "spin" did the reader put on the text as they read?
Today in class the students took the test on the list of words for WW list 1.

When they completed the test the students used the remainder of the time to work on a characterization activity. Students were allowed to use notes and the book to complete the activity. They also worked on their butterfly project if they had additional time.
​Today in class we continued working with characterization. The students were given a few papers to glue into their notebooks to help them keep track of examples of characterization as we read the book. There is an activity for in class work tomorrow.

We checked to be sure that everyone was able to get in to IXL for Language arts. We will begin using that tomorrow. When I assign a standard on IXL, the students will work to 80% or higher. The choice is theirs. I won't collect grades until Sunday nights, unless otherwise indicated. I average the grades on each standard and calculate a minor grade twice a nine weeks.

We practiced for the vocabulary test (it is tomorrow) using a Kahoot. We had a good time.

We read some of chapter 4 and students were to finish it for homework. They were given charts to tract characterization and a paper copy of the butterfly project we are doing and it is due on Friday.

If you were out be sure to check the folder when you get back to class.
Today in class we began using IXL for language arts. The students log in just as they do for math, but have to be sure that they click the language arts link and that they are on the 6th grade tab. The students may choose their grade for IXL in my class. They must obtain a minimum score of 85%, but can work all the way to 100% (ideally). I will assign IXL standards and collect the grade on Sunday nights 9pm. IXL standards will be averaged and a single grade will go in Powerschool.

Bell Ringer: IXL X.1 types of sentences. Student used a reference chart posted in the room to guide them as they identified sentences as declarative, imperative, exclamatory, or interrogative.

Reading Lit: We continued to learn about types of characters and added in static/dynamic, protagonist/antagonist. The students created a notes chart in their ELA notebook and then applied this information to what we know about our characters so far.

We moved to chapter 5 in the book.

Homework: continue on IXL to 85% or higher, finish chapter 5. Butterfly projects due when we return to school. No new vocabulary list just yet.
Anchor Chart
Use this chart to help you identify types of sentences.