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Aug. 28
Today we worked on procedures and expectations for entering the classroom and procedures for copying homework, completing the bell ringer activity and turning in forms and money.

We had mini lessons on theme and close reading. We watched a video of The Three Little Pigs and worked with partners to determine themes found in the story.

We then read All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindegarten and discussed the difference of reading to remember the story and reading closely to understand what an author wants the reader to understand and how does he put ideas into the reader's mind.

Homework was assigned. Students are to reread the passage and think about the themes that are found in it and how were they able to determine the theme. It is not necessary to write the theme down, but students may. The goal of the homework is to be prepared for the discussion tomorrow (of the text's theme and what we did as readers).
Aug. 29
Today's bell ringer was an exercise in making inferences.

We passed computers to the homeroom classes. Please contact the Tech department if you have questions about computers. All paperwork and fees must be paid to receive the computers.

We reviewed the passage from class/homework yesterday and applied close reading skills to it. I modeled my thinking as I worked through the passage. We reviewed theme and discussed possible themes from the text.

Homework: complete forms and computer forms/fees.