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Math Supplies Explained

Required Supplies

Pencils - Students are allowed to use only pencils in math class.  Students need to be able to erase mistakes while keeping their work neat and clean.  Pens are messy.  Students can choose regular lead pencils or mechanical pencils.  Students should have a minimum of three sharpened pencils everyday.  If your child is using mechanical pencils, they should have a back up supply of extra lead and erasers.

Folder with pockets and prongs - The prongs will keep classwork safe inside the math folder.  Pockets will hold extra paper and daily worksheets such Prime Factorization papers and/or homework.

Loose-leaf graph paper - Math work must be neat and organized to limit mistakes.  Graph paper helps.  This paper will be kept in the prongs of the math folder.  Graph paper will need to be replenished throughout the school year.

Small/Thin EXPO Markers with Eraser End - These markers allow students to write on their computer screen and desks.  The eraser allows students to erase their work from the computer screen without causing damage to the computer.   

TI-34 MultiView calculator - The Texas Instrument 34 MultiView Scientific Calculator is easiest to find online from your favorite vendor (Amazon, Walmart, Target, Staples, etc.) for less than $30.  It is important to get the MultiView calculator as it has the easy to fraction functions needed for middle school math.  

Backpack - Students will need a backpack to carry their notebooks, folders, textbooks, and pencils from class to class.  A padded backpack with a computer slot will allow students to carry their computer as well, although this not a necessary feature for carrying school issued Chrome Books.

Lock for the Locker - All students are assigned a locker at Hawley Middle School.  Students will need to supply their own lock.  Lockers are the perfect place to store extra school supplies such as extra graph paper, extra pencils, extra led for mechanical pencils, colored pencils, extra folders, extra notebooks, etc.  Students will need to replenish their supplies during the year and their locker is a good place to store these supplies when they are needed. Helpful Hint:  Traditional 3 number combination locks work best.  Practice with the lock before coming to school and have the combination memorized.

Optional Supplies

The following supplies are optional for math class.  These items will be provided to students in class when needed, but your child may want to use their own supplies.  Optional supplies can be kept in the locker until needed, carried in a small pouch, or kept in a pocket in the backpack.

24 Colored Pencils or Crayons - No markers, they bleed through paper and we will use both sides of the paper.  Colored pencils are preferred  because students are able to erase mistakes.

Ruler - A small ruler or protractor is preferred for small measurements and creating straight lines.  

Scissors - For cutting paper.

Clear tape (Scotch Tape) - For attaching foldables to paper in the math folder.  We will also use tape for in-class projects.

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