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Welcome to the G. C. Hawley Middle School Library Webpage!
Welcome to the G. C. Hawley Middle School Library Webpage!
Our three main goals are to:

- provide students with materials that encourage the habit of lifelong reading
- teach library and information literacy to students in order to further their achievement
- collaborate with teachers to create and assess relevant and meaningful assignments.

Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30 - 3:45

Julie Fountain, Media Coordinator,
Janet Hawley, Media Assistant,

Battle of the Books

over 3 years ago

The new Battle of the Books list for the 2016-17 school year is out!

Get a head start for next year by reading the Battle Books now.  As you read, write questions that begin with the statement, "In which book does..."  We want to begin practicing with questions as soon as school begins next August.

 Don't forget to memorize the book titles and authors' names, too.

 See Mrs. Fountain for a copy of the list and more information.


Let's beat Northern Granville Middle School next year!


Mrs. Fountain

 Join the Battle of the Books Team!

Do you like to read?  Would you like to represent Hawley in a competition against our rival middle schools in Granville County?

Battle of the Books (BOB) is a statewide reading competition.  Members of the BOB Team read as many books as possible from a list of 27 books selected by school librarians (see the list below), before competing in a local tournament held in late February.  During the competition, team members face off against other school teams to answer questions about the books on the BOB list.  The team that wins the local competition moves on to a regional competition in March.  Hawley almost won last year, and we are ready for vindication!

Beginning in September, team members will meet after school with the Hawley BOB coaches, Mrs. Fountain and Mrs. Rubin, to discuss the books and practice answering questions.  Each member must read at least 10 books and write at least 10 questions about each book they read.  Team members must also memorize the titles and authors of all 27 books on the BOB list. 

The final team will consist of no more than 12 students and one alternate student.  If more than 12 students try out for the team, the coach will select members based on the number of books each student reads and the quality of their questions and performance during practice sessions.

If you have any questions or would like to join the BOB team, please contact your School Media Coordinator, Mrs. Fountain at

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Guidelines and Policies

over 3 years ago

G. C. Hawley Media Center Policies



Students may check out a maximum of two books at a time for a period of two weeks.


Renewing Books 

If you are not finished with a book by the due date, please renew the book.  Books may be renewed a total of three times.


Late Books

Students are responsible for keeping track of when their books are due.  Please return your books on time so that other students have an opportunity to check them out.  Nobody enjoys waiting for an irresponsible person to return an overdue book.  


G. C. Hawley Middle School does not charge fines for late books.  However, if a book is overdue for more than 2 weeks, the media staff will assume that the book is lost and send a notice home requesting that you pay for the lost book.  Please bring overdue books to the media center to return or renew them.


Lost or Damaged Books

Students are responsible for paying to replace lost or damaged books.  

Students cannot check out other books until they pay to replace lost or damaged books.

Students will not receive their final report card until they pay to replace lost or damaged books.   


Behavioral Expectations

All students are expected to behave according to the school-wide expectations.  In addition, the school library has the following expectations: 

  • Food, drink, and gum are not allowed in the media center except for special occasions determined by the school administration and the media center staff.
  • You may talk, but please control your voice level so that you do not disturb other students trying to read or complete assignments.
  • Students must have a pass from a teacher to visit the media center without supervision. 




Granville County Schools Policies

The following school board policies are especially relevant to the work we do in the school library. You may view them by going to the Granville County Schools Board of Education Policy Manual.

Board Policy 3200: Selection of Textbooks and Supplementary Materials
Board Policy 3210: Parental Inspection and Objection to Instructional Materials
Board Policy 3220: Technology in the Educational Program
Board Policy 3225/7320: Internet Safety Policy
Board Policy 3227/7322: Web Page Development
Board Policy 3230/7330: Copyright Compliance


Pre-Order Your Yearbook Today!
Pre-order your 2016-2017 yearbook now!! The Hawley Yearbook Team will be working hard to design the best Hawley yearbook ever. You know you're going to want one, so why wait?


Standard hardcover yearbook

$30.00 until Jan. 5, 2017

$32.00 Jan. 5 - May delivery date

$35.00 after May delivery date

Senior Ads

$30.00 - 1/8 page

$50.00 - 1/4 page

$75.00 - 1/2 page

See Ms. Hawley in the Media Center for an order form today!

Research Databases

over 3 years ago

The State of North Carolina subscribes to several databases through its NC WiseOwl service. If you're not sure which database is a good fit for your research, read the lists below.  If the database asks you for a password, type in "wiseowl."

General and Multi-disciplinary (Great for All Subject Areas)

  • Student Research Center
  • Britannica
  • Grolier Online
  • Junior Reference
  • Newspaper Source Plus
  • eBook Center
  • Cumbre Spanish Encyclopedia
  • Video Collection

English/Language Arts/Literature

  • NoveList K-8

Social Studies

  • Lands & Peoples


  • Popular Science
  • Grzimek's Animals


NC Wiseowl

over 3 years ago

NC WiseOwl is a great place to start a research project.  This site is a free portal to online encyclopedias (in both English and Spanish) and other sources of information written for students.  The information is screened to prevent students from encountering inappropriate, dangerous, or falsified information.


You will be prompted for a password.  Please contact Mrs. Fountain to obtain the password.